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As an independent rescuer since 1998, Charlotte had handle many rescued dogs and cats with many issues (skin problem, immobility due to injury or old aging etc..). And most unwell dogs presented behavioral issues as well. It was after meeting with an Integrated Veterinary Doctor that she was enlightened to understand that to improve the quality of life for the animal, a holistic approach is far more effective than the conventional way. This is especially so for senior animals.

After the passing of her dog Summer due to cancer, Charlotte took up various courses in Naturopathic Animal HealthCare in order to help more animals . She hope to reduce their suffering and they need not go through the same pain and torment as Summer. She has obtained the Certification for Naturopathic Animal Health Care from the College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies. She is now practicing and putting what she learned at a Holistic Animal Wellness Center in Singapore.

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